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  1. The Challenge of "Good Enough" Software:
    • This article by James Bach is a slightly updated version of the the original that was published in American Programmer magazine in 1995. The author's ideas are rooted in his experiences at Apple Computer in the late 80's, and Borland in the early nineties. This article was treated as a counter-culture rant in 1995. But today, the agile development movement, which exemplifies these ideas, is well established. (11 pages)


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QA Tester Certifications


Source Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
AdaTEST IPL Coverage, static, and dynamic software testing for Ada Apps
AQtime AutomatedQA Profiling toolkit for thorough analysis of Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, Intel C++, GCC and Visual Fortran applications. It offers over two dozen performance and memory usage profilers and productivity tools that work in unison to give you an unrivaled level of information on the state of your software projects - from inception to delivery.
BoundsChecker Compuware Run-time error detection and debugging tool for C++ developers. Supports C/C++,.net,ASP,
Bullseye Coverage Bullseye Testing Technology C/C++ code coverage
CMT++ Testwell Static analysis/metric tool for C and C++ code
Code Coverage DMS DCC reinvents code coverage. Without recompiling or relinking, function, line, decision and branch coverage information is gathered. Full source code annotation is given. Information from multiple runs can be aggregated.
CodeCheck Abraxas Software Measures maintainability, portability, complexity, and standards compliance of C and C++ source code
CodeWizard ParaSoft C++ analysis tool
CTA++, CTB Testwell Test harnessing tools for unit testing C and C++ code
CTC++ Testwell Test coverage analyzer and execution profiling tool for C++ code
devAdvantage Anticipating Minds Create custom C# coding standards. Detects and corrects for .NET best practices.
Diversity Analyzer Vidak Quality Implements a unique patented technology aimed at measuring the control and data diversity given by a test suite for C/C++/C# and VB code. Higher control and data diversity higher the probability of problem detection. Also gives conditional coverage, as a special case of conditional diversity.
GlowCode Electric Software Memory and resource leak detection, code profiler, function call trace, and report tools for Win32 programs
Insure++ Parasoft Runtime error detection tool for C and C++
Leak Check DMS Quality tool used for finding memory leaks. No recompile or relink is required! Application code and 3rd party code can be checked. Innovative Leak Pinpointing gives both the allocation stack and the spot of the leak
Logiscope Telelogic Source code analysis tools
OSPC Knowledge Software Checks applications, written in C for conformance to company coding standards, International standards, and conformance to the C standard
Panorama ISA Inc Test Coverage Analysis & Metrics Testing for C & C++
McCabe TQ McCabe Software Using McCabe IQ, you will identify, objectively measure, and report on the complexity and quality of your code at the application and enterprise level. McCabe IQ's robust and easy to understand test coverage solution shows you what has been tested, how thoroughly, and if the code has been tested after changes have been made.
PolySpace Suite PolySpace Detects run-time errors and non-deterministic constructs in applications at compilation time. The Suite is available for ANSI C, C++ and Ada 83/95.
Predictive Lite ism Code analyzer that predicts defects in C, C++, Java or C# source code, based on proven industry standards.
Prevent Coverity Static source cod analysis tool to automate the detection of catastrophic software defects at compile time. Developed at Stanford University, Coverity's technology is used at nearly 80 companies to ensure that code is secure and high quality.
Purify Rational Software Run-time error and memory leak detector
TBGEN Testwell Test harnessing tool for unit testing Ada code
TCAT C/C++ Software Research TCAT C/C++ is a fully automated tool for static analysis and code coverage at the unit, sub-system, system and integration testing levels. With TCAT C/C++ available testing efforts can focus on untested code, rather than generating redundant tests. The resulting data is displayed in coverage reports, color-annotated call-trees and digraphs with capabilities of viewing the source code. Using recursive descent compiler technology, TCAT C/C++ produces many reports from which you can access current, past and cumulative test results.
TCMON Testwell Test coverage and execution profiling tool for Ada code
Test Coverage Semantic Designs Family of test coverage tools for a wide variety of languages (C, C++, C#, COBOL, Java, more...). Very low probe overhed. Independent of compiler. Useful for application and embedded contexts. Graphical display of coverage over source code; text and XML summaries.

Functional Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
.TEST Parasoft Unit-testing tool that automatically tests classes written on Microsoft's .NET Framework without requiring developers to write a single test scenario or stub.
AberroTest Aberro Software AberroTest is a functional test and verification product that works at the user interface level.
AETG Web Telcordia The Telcordia Efficient Test Case Generation Service, formerly known as AETG Web, makes it easy to use AETG, the Automatic Efficient Test Generation system. The AETG algorithms employ combinatorial design techniques to create minimal sets of tests that cover all the pairwise interactions among input values. Free trial account (14 days) available. Implemented as a service delivered via our site, so there is no software to install.
Automate!Test Manager Newmerix Automate!Test Manager is the first solution specially designed for PeopleSoft that automates the functional testing process. By capturing and replaying the most important business processes in your application, any time a change is made to the application, the most important processes can be quickly and cost effectively tested.
Automated Test Designer AtYourSide Consulting Tool for creating Test Cases based on Functional Requirements, which can be used in a collaborative environment by all project team members and can handle changes and requirements of any complexity. It uses an advanced and rigorous Neural Network Optimization algorithm and reduction methods, in order to generate the minimum number of test cases to certify 100% of the Requirements rules.
AutoTester One AutoTester Functional, regression, and systems integration testing of Windows, Client Server, Host/Legacy, or Web software. Also offers a version enhanced to work with SAP applications and a load and stress testing engine that drives AutoTester ONE test scripts to recreate normal and peak load conditions in order to assess system performance.
Avignon Acceptance Testing System   Acceptance test system that allows you to write executable tests in a language that you define. It uses XML to define the syntax of the language but, if you choose to extend the language, leaves the semantics of the tests up to you.
BugHuntress BugHuntress QA BugHuntress Test Suite (BHTS) is a client-server system which is intended for full-scale automated testing of applications on handhelds and/or emulators with Palm OS 3.0-4.1. PC and Palm parts of BHTS interact through the COM-port, by using the USB-bus and via the TCP/IP protocol. Automated testing is performed using special scenarios, scripts and control points (e.g. screen CRC, controls states, databases states, etc.) which basically represent software test plan written in Java-script with BHTS commands. BHTS requires no additional hardware.
CAPBAK/X, CAPBAK/MSW Software Research Capture/playback system for X, and Windows which allows the user to record mouse mouvements, keyboard activities, widget calls and verification information into test scripts. Fully editable and programmable "C" language scripts make CAPBAK adaptable to your testing requirements. Its automatic synchronization features discover minor application changes during playback. CAPBAK has a realistic Load Generation engine built-in and handles all kinds of GUI testing: Local, Client/Server, Remote, Host/target. Test can run unsupervised, as often as required. Used together with SMARTS, the sophisticated test management component that controls test execution and verification you have the perfect Regression Test Suite.
Certify Worksoft Platform neutral solution that allows development of tests without programming for Web, client/server and mainframe applications.
CitraTest Tevron LLC Automated software testing solution for all Citrix Environments
Code Testing Tool Pro RHiTech This tool is a convenient wrapper for your testing code and test cases. It allows doing code testing (software testing) in the next modes: single-threaded, multithreaded and stress-mode (emulating the peak overloads). Support the next development environments: MS VC++, Borland C++ Builder and Borland Delphi. Installation with examples sources is included.
Eggplant Redstone Software Running on MacOSX, Eggplant can test and automate processes on virtually any platform. Leveraging open source VNC server software, Eggplant achieves platform independence, "seeing" the remote screen and acting as a virtual user to generate and run test scripts and to automate other tasks on the remote machine.
Eventcorder CMS Eventcorder records and plays back Windows events. It searches for 'Clickviews' and focused windows during playback. E-Scripter is a scripting utility (VBScript) to drive Eventcorder.
FERRET Azor Inc Automated Software Testing System for Macintosh, Windows, OS/2 and X-Windows software
GUITAR University of Maryland A tool that generates new test cases using a new technology of event-flow graphs. Pre/postconditions are used to generate expected response. Coverage (event and code) is evaluated. Free.
Holodeck Security Innovations Uses fault simulation to emulate real-world application and system errors. This allows testers and developers to work in a controlled, repeatable environment to analyze and debug error-handling code in hostile environments.
JPdfUnit OIO Integrates PDFBox as a PDF API with the JUnit framwork for the test of pdf documents so JPdfUnit is a high level api. Simple ready-to-use assertions help to compare the expected data to the concrete data of the pdf document.
MITS.GUI   Has an intelligent state machine engine that makes real-time decisions for navigating through the GUI portion of an application without scripts. Testers simply enter test data into a spreadsheet which is used to populate the objects that appear for the particular test scenario defined.
PETA verit Eclipse-based platform for automated software testing and covers the software life cycle from the specification up to the maintenance phase. The components of message based software systems like Client-/Server-, Multitier- and Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA) may be simulated as well as tested in isolation and in their supposed interaction.
PyUnit   Unit testing framework. Python language version of JUnit. Open source.
QACenter Compuware Test development and execution tool for GUI and character-based client-server software testing
Replay Xcessory Integrated Computer Solutions Automation tool for Xt/Motif applications
Repro Repro Software Records software process execution at multiple levels to provide unmatched visibility into process execution. With Repro you can record, annotate, and playback:
  • Video capture of user actions
  • System level traces of operations and data streams
  • System resource usage and performance graphs
  • A complete summary of the PC's configuration at the time the bug occurred

Each captured component is viewed simultaneously during playback to give the software professional an integrated and organized view of the recording along each dimension.

SAP Software Quality Assurance Testing Tools Sucid The leading provider of SAP software quality assurance testing tools and products.
ScriptMap� for Siebel Serpico Software Planning and functional testing tool which focuses exclusively on Siebel applications.

Serpico's proprietary ScriptMap technology delivers functional 'testing with context'. The key to 'testing with context' is the removal of serial scripts as the primary mode of navigation, application control and data entry. The absence of scripts for all aspects of the testing process enables accelerated creation of test scenarios and delivers a measurable reduction in test asset maintenance.

Effective testing throughout the whole Siebel lifecycle finds more defects, thus lowering the risk and reducing the cost of the project.

ScriptTech TMX Generates test narratives and fully executable scripts for WinRunner, TestPartner, SilkTest and other automation engines with out the need for understanding or knowing the underlying programming language. Provides a single point of maintenance using global "find and replace" features for test data, object definitions and action definitions.
Smalltalk Test Mentor SilverMark, Inc. Automated GUI and domain object software testing tool for IBM's
Squish froglogic Cross platform software testing framework for Qt/C++ applications. With no modifications to the application, it is possible to test the application using recorded or manually written test scripts in different scripting languages.
TALC2000 Tallecom Software Test automation for applications on mainframe and mid range proprietary and UNIX platforms.
TestArchitect LogiGear Keyword-driven test automation framework. It includes automation support for the most common platforms in use today, along with powerful version-control features to support team-based test automation.
TestComplete AutomatedQA Automated test manager, with unmatched support for unit, functional, regression, distributed and HTTP performance testing at the project level. Designed for application developers and testers alike, TestComplete will help you to achieve thorough Quality Assurance in development from the first line of code right through delivery and maintenance, with no surprises along the way. Ship superior applications, and ship them on time. Supports Delphi, Win32, .NET, Java, and Web applications.
TestWorks Software Research Integrated suite of Automated Regression Test and Coverage Analyzers for UNIX, Windows/2000//NT/XP with multiple reports and re-usable test scripts in C, C++ and JAVA.
Unified Test Pro Software Development Technologies A "3rd generation" test automation solution, which uses a roles-based software test automation approach to Design, Build and Run test cases.
Vermont HighTest Plus Vermont Creative Software . Windows-based software regression-testing tool for testing stand-alone or browser-based applications. With our direct integration into Internet Explorer, testing a web-based application or website is as easy as testing any other application. Just use the application as you normally would, and HighTest will take care of the rest. Or you can customize the generated scripts to harness the full power of HighTest. HighTest gives you the flexibility to work the way you want to, in a product that is easier to use than ANY other automated software testing tool on the market.
VNCRobot VNCRobot Free tool for automated software testing based on VNC technology which enables to program, verify and reproduce behavior of a remote computer via RFB protocol and generate a comprehensive report.

Performance Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
BugTimer BugStomper Software BugTimer was designed to streamline the entire process of timing and documenting Performance Test results into one Application. BugTimer is a timer application that records, displays, saves, sorts, and prints Performance Test results.
DB Stress DTM Utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves.
LoadeaTest Loadea Loadea is composed with 3 modules:
  • Capture module to create a test project, use predefined capture packages/plug ins, model your test as a C# script and modelize data in XML.
  • Control module to define test and deploy it on several machines: number of virtual users, performance system, monitor test.
  • Analyze module to analyze test using proven mathematical formalism which helps classify information from test, generate reports, print and export data.
Monitor Master Argogroup Monitor Master is a quality management solution for wireless data services - WML/XHTML, SMS and MMS. Monitor Master helps Operators and Content Developers ensure that end-users of wireless applications will have the best quality of experience possible - regardless of the handset being used.
IxLoad Ixia A "Load Appliance" for running performance testing applications that can emulate millions of users. Ixia's portable and rack-mounted chassis provide a managable, scalable, repeatable platform that eliminates the need for large numbers of PCs. Massive test results can be displayed in real-time, logged and analyzed with built-in graphical reporting. Emulated protocols include HTTP, SSL, FTP, SMTP, POP3, Streaming/VoIP, IPSEC, PPPoX and others.
QACenter Performance Edition Compuware Load testing
Scapa StressTest for Citrix MetaFrame Scapa Technologies Scapa StressTest for Citrix MetaFrame is a performance testing tool that tests how well MetaFrame deployments perform under variable load. The tool is highly scalable and can generate indepth analysis of systems running up to 10's of thousands of users. Available globally through Citrix partners under affordable licensing and support packages, its unique n-Tier Resonance technology quickly provides accurate client-server timings through direct use of the ICA channel.
Shunra\Storm Shunra Software Shunra's solutions enable IT professionals to pre-empt application performance problems and avoid downtime. By creating a mirror image of the production network environment in the lab, Shunra�|s products enable customers to accurately evaluate the functionality and scalability of networked applications - before and after deployment.
SSW Performance PRO! 97 Superior Software for Windows Pty Ltd Essential for performance tuning your Access frontend or upsizing to SQL Server. SSW Performance PRO! analyses every form, combo and list box in your Access 97, 2000 or 2002 app. It checks the SQL statements and reports on the slowest features. It tells you exactly where to spend time that will make a difference to the speed of your application. You can also use SSW Performance PRO! after you've upsized an application to SQL Server to pinpoint where tuning is required.
TestLoad Origsoft iSeries-specific automated load testing solution. Rather than placing artificial load on the network, it runs natively on the server, simulating actual system performance, monitoring and capturing Batch activity, server jobs and green-screen activity. TestLOAD synchronises, launches and monitors hundreds of virtual users concurrently, running multiple versions of different scripts to simulate how each might use different parts of the application and carry out different transactions.
Vantage Compuware Integrated suite of application performance management products. Each product deals with a different aspect of the application's performance across the network infrastructure.
WinFeedback Beson Data WinFeedback is a Windows scripting extension for testing, monitoring and automation purposes, like response timing, up-timing, functional testing, stress testing, health monitoring, task automation.
XtremeLoad US Computer Software XtremeLoad is a software framework for load testing of distributed software systems. It provides an extensible, scalable, and easy-to-use foundation on which you can build a comprehensive and cost-effective load testing solution tailored to your product.

Java Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
Abbot   Abbot is a JUnit extension for testing Java GUIs. It supports recording and playback at both low and high levels of abstraction.
AdaptiveCells/J   Open source J2EE benchmarking system. It enables the development of complex artificial J2EE test-beds without requiring a single line of code. Such test-beds can be used for:
  • Performance testing : if you want to compare the performance of different application servers or if you need to test the functionality/performance of you server in particular contexts.
  • Middleware infrastructure testing : if you are developing some infrastructure software (eg. server adaptation software or a monitoring solution).
  • Creating working J2EE applications when you just need to have some running systems (maybe you are learning J2EE or you work on some other aspects of a larger system and you need a working J2EE application for testing everything together).
AgileTest Polygenix Mock object implementation for unit testing both Java interfaces and classes. AgileTest works at the bytecode level, enabling non-intrusive dynamic mock generation - without the generation of additional source artefacts or the constraints of the Java proxy mechanism. Free for non-commercial use.
Agitator Agitar Helps developers create and maintain unit tests for all their code.
AppPerfect DevSuite AppPerfect Suite of products designed to help you design and build high-performance applications during the development phase of the product-development life-cycle. The AppPerfect DevSuite consists of Unit Tester, Code Analyzer J2EE / JVM Profiler, Functional Tester, Load Tester.
Bugkilla   Set of java tools (open source) for the functional test of J2EE Web Applications. Specification and execution of tests will be automated for web front end and business logic layer. One goal is to integrate with existing frameworks and tools. We started with eclipse struts and junit integration.
Cactus Jakarta Project A simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters, ...). The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code. It uses JUnit and extends it.
GJ-Coverage Tester's Edge Coverage tool for Java programs of all types: J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE. Features ease of use, low overhead, HTML reports, branch level coverage, test case breakdowns, and more.
GJTester TreborSoft Java testing tool that provides a GUI to aid developers in building test cases and test scripts. It allows the testers to accomplish unit and regression test without programming effort. The tool is useful for testing CORBA, RMI and other server technologies as well.
GUIdancer Bredex GmbH Automated GUI test tool for programs written with Java and Swing, which requires no programming. Created tests are highly reusable and easily maintainable. Because of the nature of the object recognition, tests are resilient to changes in the application under test.

Additional features include an observation mode, generation of HTML result reports, multi-user capacity, and user-defined hierarchical organization.

Platform independent; runs as standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin.

JCover Codework Java code coverage testing
JCover Man Machine Systems Java code coverage
Jemmy   An open source library that can be used to create tests for Java GUI applications.
JMeter Apache Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Open source.
JStyle Man Machine Systems Java source code analyzer.
JSystem   Framework for writing and running automated tests, based on JUnit. Its main goal is to support automation of functional/system testing.
jtest Parasoft Java class testing
JUnit Regression testing framework for the developer who implements unit tests in Java. Open Source
JVerify Man Machine Systems Java unit/integration testing.
KCC Koalog Code coverage computation application written in Java. Its main features are: in-process or remote coverage computation, capability of working directly on Java binaries (no recompilation), predefined (XML, HTML, LaTeX, CSV, TEXT) or custom report generation, session merging, portability, ease-of-use, Ant integration.
LISA iTKO Uses "inline testing" technology to talk to every component within your infrastructure. One-click wizards enable even non-developers to connect to, analyze and interact with live EJBs, databases, messaging layers and web services/SOAP objects.
Panorama ISA Visual environment for Java/C/C++/VB software testing, quality assurance, documentation, and maintenance on Unix/Linux/Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Marathon   Testing framework for GUI applications developed using Java/Swing. Marathon composes of recorder, runner and editor. The testscripts are composed of python code.

Marathon focuses on end-user testing. One need not know Java or Swing to record test scripts using Marathon. Marthon is kept intentionally simple. The aim to produce test scripts that are readable by everyone on the project. This includes the developers, testers and the customers. Marathon is flexible and provides facilities to extend the functionality available through python scripts or through writing ones own component resolvers.

Marathon captures the semantic actions on components instead of the mouse & keyboard events. This results in scripts that are simple and at a higher granular level. Marathon suites well for applications that mostly depend on forms-paradigm. Open source.

QEngine AdventNet Automated testing tool that helps in building high-quality J2EE/J2SE applications with consistent and predictable behavior. It supports server-side unit, functional, performance, stability and regression testing.
QStudio Enterprise QA Systems GmbH A tool to objectively assess the quality of your Java and .NET software. It works by integrating state-of-the-art 3rd party code analyzers with a sophisticated ISO 9126 Standard software quality model.
TCAT/Java Software Research Code coverage analyzer for Java. Features true 32-bit native executables, advanced compiler-based source-language scanning technology, improved runtime support, and full GUI access to a project's function and method digraphs, and current and past-test coverage data at the branch (C1) level.

Embedded Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
Message Magic Elvior Tests embedded software components - processes, subsystems, etc. With MessageMagic, one can test a certain component by simulating its neighbour components. Contains tools for visualization of messages traffic (also ASN.1 messages) between the testable component and their simulated counterparts.
Reactis Tester Reactive Systems Generates comprehensive test suites from Simulink/Stateflow models. The test suites exercise large portions of the software under test while avoiding redundancy, thereby maximizing the probability of finding defects within the time available for software testing. The generated tests store model-generated outputs as well as inputs so that Tester-generated test harnesses can automatically check the correctness of source code implementations of models.
Tessy RazorCat Development Offers module testing of C code directly on the target system using standard debugging technology. It supports the whole unit testing cycle and works transparently on all supported target debuggers.
TestQuest Pro TestQuest Automated testing of any mobile device or application, tests the actual end-user experience, and allows testing of multiple devices, enabling end-to-end testing.
USBTester Jungo Software-only USB testing application tool that enables USB developers to quickly validate their USB devices for USB compatibility, Chapter-9 conformance, standard class driver functionality, performance and other relevant parameters.
VectorCAST Vector Software Vector Software's VectorCAST is a world-class integrated software test solution that automates the tasks associated with testing software components for C/C++, Embedded C++, and Ada83/Ada95 programs. Automation includes: complete test harness construction, test generation, test execution, code coverage analysis, regression testing and static measures for code complexity and basis path analysis. VectorCAST enables companies to significantly reduce the time, effort and cost to validate safety (DO-178B), mission, and business critical systems. VectorCAST is customized to the target CPU, cross compiler and run-time environments for leading embedded development tools from: Wind River Systems, Green Hills, TI, Rational, Cosmic, Tasking, Mentor Graphics, Analog Devices, and MetaWare.

Database Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
AETG Telcordia The AETG algorithms employ combinatorial design techniques to create minimal sets of tests that cover all the pairwise interactions among input values.
Data Generator GSApps Test data generator, used for creating intelligent data in almost any database or text file. GS DataGenerator enables users to:
  • Complete application testing by inflating a database with meaningful data
  • Create industry-specific data that can be used for a demonstration
  • Protect data privacy by creating a clone of the existing data and masking confidential values
  • Accelerate the development cycle by simplifying testing and prototyping
Data Generator DTM Fully customizable utility that generates data, tables (views, procedures etc) for database testing (performance testing, QA testing, load testing or usability testing) purposes.
Datatect Banner Software Generate a variety of realistic test data to ASCII flat files or directly to RDBMS including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and Informix.
DTM DB Stress DTM Soft Utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. This tool allows you to create and configure a continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP (query execution) and OLTP (adding, modifying and deleting data in the database) types.
ER/Datagen Banner Software Produces "model-driven" test data in support of Allfusion ERwin and ER/Studio (enterprise editions).
Jenny   JENNY is a free tool similar to AETG and ALLPAIRS. Given many dimensions of a piece of software, with several possible features per dimension, and some restrictions saying which features cannot be used together, JENNY will recommend tests that cover all pairs or triples of allowed feature combinations. For example, given 20 dimensions, 10 features each, JENNY recommends 210 testcases.
Jumpstart Talking Frog SQL Server test data generation tool. Lookup values as well as SPs, ad hoc SQL and configurable random values.
SQL DB Validator C and C Productions Performs database and data cube verification and validation testing. Tests the content of a database extract against its original data store using the specific SQL syntax for each of the data sources. Tests can be contained in a single file and each test can be configured to connect to different data sources.
SQL Profiler Embaradero Identify, isolate, and correct coding mishaps that could lead to costly performance problems.
TestIt! TdgTeam Test your programs with data that 'feels' right. Simple yet powerful way to generate great quantity of random but real-life looking data, real fast. Generates meaningful people names, companies, streets, cities, IDs, etc. Quick-start tutorial with examples.
TurboData Canam Software Test data generator. Generate very realistic test data with foreign keys resolved automatically. Also generates Select, Update and Delete SQL. TurboData includes an SQL Builder, Grid Data Editor and has full Version Control. Free trial version never expires.
utPLSQL   Open source, unit-testing framework for Oracle PL/SQL developers.


Link and HTML Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
AccVerify/AccRepair HiSoftware Verify, Correct, Monitor and Manage your WebSite and Web Based Applications for W3C and Section 508 compliance.
ChangeAgent Web site repair and maintenance application.
CSE HTML Validator AI Internet Solutions HTML, XHTML, CSS, link, spelling, and accessibility checker available. Windows application
Cyber Spyder Link Test Aman Software Web site management program to be used for verifying that the URLs on a site are not broken and for analyzing site content. Shareware.
Dead Links Dead Links Free online spider based link checker. You only have to input the index page and the spider will crawl your website looking for broken links. Also gives advices for search engines.
HTML Candy Anetto Software New-age software for final preparation of HTML pages. It is able to fix up a wide range of problems with HTML syntax, including tags, styles, attributes, attributes' values, deprecated and obsolete elements and attributes.
HTML PowerTools Talicom Suite of Windows tools for HTML checking, spelling, etc.
HTML Tidy W3C A very nice tool that fixes common errors and pretty prints HTML. Free
InFocus SSB Technologies Tool for making Web sites compliant with Section 508 requirements for access by the individuals with disabilities.
Link Checker Pro   Link Checker Pro is a link checking tool for websites and has been tested on sites containing more than 100,000 links. It can export results in a number of formats and provide a graphical view of the website structure.
LinkRunner Viable Software Alternatives Dead link detector for Windows
LinkScan Elsop Dead link detector
LinkSleuth Xenu Dead link detector. Free
Link Validator REL Software Link checker and site management tool for webmasters to check links for accuracy and availability, find broken links and links containing syntactic errors. A free "lite" version is also offered.
MOMspider UCI Robot link checker. Free
Ramp Ascend   Testing and remediating websites and web based applications for integrated accessibility for Section 508 and WCAG compliance.
Real Validator   HTML syntax checker for Windows
Truwex website QA tool Erigami Free online tool for evaluating website accessibility, privacy, performance, quality, broken links. Shows issues on a web page map and in the HTML code.
WebLight Illumit Finds broken links and markup problems, and identifies relationships between URL's.
WebQA Watchfire Report on over 40 errors including, Search engine optimization, Site inventory, Web accessibility (now includes Bobby reports, Section 508, W3C's WCAG), Corporate standards. Can also manage meta data and create automtated test scripts to test site functionality.

On-line Link and HTML Test Services

Product Vendor Comments
Audit Blossom Blossom Software Low cost web site audit service.
Bobby CAST Help make pages accessible to people with disabilities (WAI and Section 508 compliance). It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different browsers. Free
CSSCheck Web Design Group On-line cascading Style sheet checker. Free
CSS Validation Service W3C Free service that checks Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in (X)HTML documents or standalone for conformance to W3C recommendations
Dr. Watson   HTML checking service. Free.
HTML Validator WDG Online service that validates HTML documents. Free
HTML Validation Service W3C Online service that checks HTML documents for conformance to W3C HTML and XHTML Recommendations and other HTML standards. Free
Link Alarm LinkAlarm Online service for detecting broken links
NetMechanic Monte Sano Software Service which searches your site to find broken links, spot bad HTML tags, and rates your server's response time. Commercial but offers free trials
Site Check Enter a URL and it runs HTML and stylesheet validators, accessibility assessment, link check, load time check, and more using free online web test tools.
SiteTechnician SiteTechnician Hosted management solutions. Identifies broken links, analyzes accessibility, reports on search engine optimization, monitors page load times, and helps you manage changes to your site over time.
Validation Spider Dead Links Free dead link checker
W3C Link Checker W3C Free dead link checker
Weblint Gateway San Francisco State University Performs an HTML error scan and creates an HTML listing with error messages in context and tags, URLs, and error messages highlighted in color
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer Delorie Software On-line utility that serves a page based on how various browsers would render it.
Web Page Purifier Delorie Software On-line utility that maps a page to HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, or WebTV 1.1. standards. Free.
XML Validation Scholarly Technology Group Validates XML documents. Free.

Functional Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
actiWATE Actimind Freeware web application testing environment. actiWATE Framework is written in Java and Java is used for writing tests.
AutoTester One AutoTester Functional, regression, and systems integration testing of Windows, Client Server, Host/Legacy, or Web applications.
Badboy Badboy Software Provides an enhanced browser interface to aid in building and testing dynamic applications. Combines capture/replay ability with performance testing and diagnostic features to allow developers to closely monitor and understand the interactions between the browser and the server. Free for small users.
Canoo WebTest Canoo Canoo WebTest is a free open source tool for testing of web applications. It calls pages and verifies the results, giving comprehensive reports on success and failure.
eValid Software Research Test enabled Web Browser. Provides Browser-Based Client-Side WebSite quality checking for Functional Testing, LoadTest, Site Analysis (SiteMap), Performance check and page tuning.
IeUnit   Simple framework to test logical behaviors of web pages. It helps users to create, organize and execute functional unit tests. IeUnit is implemented in JavaScript for the Windows XP platform with Internet Explorer.
Imprimatur   Web application testing tool. The tests are described in a simple XML file. Along with the standard GET and POST actions, Imprimatur handles HTTP sessions and file uploads. The responses can be validated using regular expressions and response code checks. Open source.
Internet Macros Opus Low cost automation testing
HTTP::Recorder Opus Browser-independent recorder that records interactions with web sites and produces scripts for automated playback. Open source (Perl module)
iRise Application Simulator iRise Allows the definition, testing and approval of Web-based business software before developers write the first line of code. Users validate requirements from a visually accurate, functionally rich and interactive simulation of the application that can be modified on the fly during feedback sessions.
ITP Incanica Web application testing harness. Lightweight, yet powerful! Test scripts written in XML. No programming required! No changes required to your application. Supports sessions/cookies, POST form data. Command line based for integration into other tools. Open source.
LISA iTKO No-code, enterprise-strength automated testing solution for J2EE applications, websites and web services. LISA uses "inline testing" technology to talk to every component within your infrastructure. New one-click wizards enable even non-developers to connect to, analyze and interact with live EJBs, databases, messaging layers and web services/SOAP objects.
MaxQ Bit Mechanic MaxQ is a free functional testing tool. It includes an HTTP proxy that records your test script, and a command line utility that can be used to playback tests. The proxy recorder automatically stores variables posted to forms, so you don't have to write that stuff by hand. The paradigm of MaxQ is similar to commercial tools like Astra QuickTest or Empirix e-Test. These products are quite expensive. MaxQ hopes to provide the essential features: HTTP test recording, scripting, and playback without the huge cost. Source code to MaxQ is provided as part of the distribution.
Netvantage Functional Tester Netvantage Technologies Functional and regression automated web testing tool.
PesterCat PesterCat Web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications. PesterCat features an integrated proxy recorder that enables you to record scripts using your favorite web browser. PesterCat runs on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.
QA Wizard Seapine Automated functional testing tool for Web-based apps. Automated scripting allows the creation of more scripts in less time. Advanced object binding greatly reduces script changes when Web-based apps change. FREE QA Wizard Demo and Test Script!
Ranorex Ranorex Software Windows GUI test and automation framework for C++, Python and for the .Net languages
Rational Robot Rational Software Automated functional, regression, and smoke tests for e-applications
Sahi   Automation and testing tool for web applications, with the facility to record and playback scripts. Developed in java and javascript, this tool uses simple javascript to execute events on the browser. Features include, in-browser controls, text based scripts, ant support for playback of suites of tests, and multi threaded playback. It supports HTTP and HTTPS.
SAMIE   Simple Automated Module For Internet Explorer. Perl module ( that allows a user to automate Internet Explorer. This free tool is designed for quality assurance engineers that need to run tests for their browser applications. (Windows only)
Selenium ThoughtWorks Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser, just as real users do. And they run in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.
SoapTest Parasoft Automated tool for testing Web services. SOAPtest helps you to prevent errors by performing server functional testing, load testing, and client testing with just the click of a button. SOAPtest facilitates server functional testing by automatically creating a test suite from a WSDL document that tests every operation associated with that document. The same test suite used for server functional testing can also be used as a load test suite that not only monitors the servers response rate with the specified number and mixture of simultaneous requests, but also verifies whether the test loads cause functionality problems. You can also have SOAPtest emulate a server and verify that the client sends appropriate requests to the appropriate services, and that the client handles the services responses as expected.
soapui eviware Desktop application for inspecting, invoking and testing (functional and load) of web services over HTTP. It is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services (java, .net, etc). Functional and Load-Testing can be done both interactively in soapui or within a automated build/integration process using the soapui command-line tools. soapui currently requires java 1.5 and is licensed under the LGPL license.
Solex NEOMAlogic Solex is an open source Web application testing tool built as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. It provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and replay it later typically in order to ensure non regression of a Web application's behaviour.
Squish froglogic GmbH Professional test tool which allows to create, debug and run automated GUI tests for Qt, Tk, XView and HTML/Web applications.
swete Neal Lester Provides cross platform console based tools for regression testing of web applications. The tools may be used when refactoring and during development to ensure that new functionality doesn't break previously completed features. Open source.
TestSmith Quality Forge Functional/Regression Test Automation Tool for Windows. Web Site and Web Application testing is done at both the the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) level and the Windows object level, as appropriate.
TestWeb Original Software Automation solutions for IBM iSeries, Microsoft, and Oracle.
vTest Verisium Functional and regression testing with a host of powerful web functional testing features. It empowers you to thoroughly verify and validate your web applications in a variety of environments. You can enhance productivity by generating automated test scripts, replaying both automated and custom test scripts, generating test reports and spotting software bugs early in the development cycle.

Enhances testing engineer efficiency through the ability to create automated test scripts. These test scripts can be executed automatically with minimal human intervention. They can also be scheduled based on a set plan. This normally results in a huge productivity gain and allows testing departments to accomplish significantly more work in the same amount of time.

WatiN   Open source C# framework for automating functional web testing. Inspired by Watir implementation, WatiN drive Internet Explorer at the user level.
Watir   Open-source functional testing tool for automating browser-based tests of web applications. Drives the Internet Explorer browser the same way people do. It clicks links, fills in forms, presses buttons. Watir also checks results, such as whether expected text appears on the page. Watir is a Ruby library that works with Internet Explorer on Windows. Like other powerful programming languages, Ruby gives you the power to connect to databases, read data files, export XML and structure your code into reusable libraries.
WebAii ArtOfTest .NET automation infrastructures provided FREE of charge to the developer and quality assurance community. Use WebAii to automate unit tests, feature and scenario tests for Ajax applications or any web application while leveraging an innovative approach to enhance Product Testability and produce more agile and robust test automation suites. WebAii comes with tight Visual Studio Integration in addition to many new features.
Webcorder Crimson Solutions Free GUI software testing tool developed in VB to allow for simple end user web testing. Essentially the user presses record and navigates their way through a scenario, telling the program to check for text/images along the way and optionally taking screenshots. At the end of the process you stop recording and save the script. You can then play back the script either interactively or in batch mode, and the program will generate log files etc.
WebInject WebInject WebInject is a free tool for testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test any individual system component with an HTTP interface (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc), and can be used as a test harness to create a suite of [HTTP level] functional, acceptance, and regression tests. A test harness (also referred to as a test driver or a test framework) allows you to run many test cases and collect/report your test results.
WebKing ParaSoft White-box, black-box, and regression testing
WET Qantom Software Framework for Web automation testing. WET is released on a Opensource license by Has many features like multiple parameter based object identification for more reliable recognition, support for XML object repository, better popup handling, HTML results, Precondition Support, Teardown support, Parametrization of the scripts, Parameterization of the objects, External Library support and more!
WSUnit   WSUnit is a tool that can help you test Web Service consumers. It provides a predictable and repeatable simulation of a Web Service that is ideal for unit testing.
Yawet InforMatrix Java/swing tool to create, run and debug functional web tests. It can verify Html, Pdf and Xml documents. Yawet offers reports, step libraries, parametrisation and custom extensions.

Security Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
QA Inspect SPI Dynamics Incorporate fully automated web application security testing into the overall test management process. Now, Mercury users can conduct and manage both functional testing and security testing from a single platform.

Performance Test Tools

Product Vendor Comments
ANTS Red Gate Load and scalability testing of .NET web services and applications
Dotcom-Monitor Dana Consulting simulates real users by using its remote agents positioned around the globe. As an end-user you setup the conditions for the web site or web application you would like to stress test.
forecast Facilita Suite of tools for system load testing, performance measurement and multi-user functional testing.
http_load Acme Software Free Unix-Based load load generator for web servers.
Jblitz Clan Productions Load testing tool aimed at smaller sites.
LoadTracer Trace Technologies GUI-based tool for load/Performance /Stress/ Scalability testing of web applications. Using this tool more number of virtual clients can be generated to hit the web server at a specific time. It simulates multiple instances of web client accessing a Web Server based on the simulating information obtained from one web client during a session with a web server. So under various load or stress condition, any web application can be tested effectively. This tool is developed into three modules, Load Tracer- Recorder, Load Tracer-Generator, and Load Tracer- Analysis. Load Tracer is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Microsoft Application Center Test Microsoft Designed to stress test Web servers and analyze performance and scalability problems with Web applications, including Active Server Pages (ASP) and the components they use. Simulates a large group of users by opening multiple connections to the server and rapidly sending HTTP requests. Supports several different authentication schemes and the SSL protocol, making it ideal for testing personalized and secure sites.
NeoLoad Neotys Simulates hundreds of virtual users on your web site, getting performance statistics and revealing errors under stress. Free eval download.
OpenLoad OpenDemand Systems Web testing tool used to simulate hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously accessing a web site or application
OpenSTA OpenSTA A distributed software testing architecture based on CORBA. OpenSTA is designed to be used by Performance Testing Consultants or other technically proficient individuals. Using OpenSTA a user can generate realistic heavy loads simulating the activity of hundreds to thousands of virtual users. This capability is fully realized through OpenSTA's distributed testing architecture. OpenSTA graphs both virtual user response times and resource utilization information from all Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers and Operating Platforms under test, so that precise measurements can be gathered during load tests and analysis on these measurements can be performed. OpenSTA is Open Source software licensed under the GNU General Public License.
PowerProxy Orderly Software PowerProxy is a load-testing HTTP proxy with features that can help you browse or buy product from busy web servers.
Proxy Sniffer Ing. Fischer Web load and stress testing tool that permits to analyze the performance characteristics and the stability of a Web application under various load conditions. The measured results enables a targeted tuning which results in an optimized application.
PureLoad NFG Global Load testing tool that simulates hundreds of users executing requests against server based applications
QuotiumPro Quotium Professional load testing tool that analyses and predicts application behavior and performance. It tests an entire architecture by emulating very large numbers of realistic users, as well as sharp load variations.
Siege Joe Dog Open Source HTTP performance testing tool for UNIX systems.
StressIT Synametrics StressIT is a robust stress testing application that accurately simulates the number of users your site can maintain. It will allow you to chart the breaking point at which your site's performance is no longer acceptable, and will allow you to pinpoint the bottlenecks preventing your site from reaching its maximum levels. StressIT allows you to define relevant use-case scenarios for your site; this customization allows you to test all aspects of your complex multi-tiered web-based application.
Site Tester 1.0 Pilot Software SiteTester is a load-testing utility designed to test web servers and web applications. SiteTester simulates concurrent access of various users from different hosts to a web/application server. Each virtual user follows a predefined procedure to access the server. By increasing the number of virtual users you can test the capacity of your servers and determine the extra hardware and bandwidth needs, if any. SiteTester1.0 is a JDK1.2 compatible Java application and is available for the Windows and UNIX environments.
TestMaker PushToTest Open source framework to build intelligent test agents that test Web services (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, Servlet, JSP, EJB, ActiveX, SOAP, .NET) for scalability and performance. Written in Java and runs everywhere Java runs, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh and more.
Wbox open source Wbox aims to help you having fun while testing HTTP related stuff.
Web Application Stress Tool Microsoft Simulation tool that is designed to realistically reproduce multiple browsers requesting pages.
Webload Radview Software Performance tool for testing Internet and Intranet applications
WebPartner TPC WebPartner WebPartner's Test and Performance Center measures website performance from a customer's perspective combining ease of use and performance at an incredible value to meet all of your Testing, Diagnostics and Monitoring needs. The WebPartner Test and Performance Center web-based user interface allows you to quickly FIND, FIX and PREVENT bottlenecks and failures within your applications inside or outside your firewall.
Web Performance Trainer Web Performance Web Performance tester. For Windows and UNIX.
Web Polygraph   Freely available benchmarking tool for caching proxies, origin server accelerators, L4/7 switches, content filters, and other Web intermediaries
Web Roller Novosoft Performance and load testing for web and Intranet applications
Web Server Stress Tool Paessler Load test application for web servers
WebSizr Technovations Performance Analysis and Sizing framework for HTTP based Servers and applications

Performance Test Services

Product Vendor Comments
SiteStress WebMetrics A comprehensive service to generate http based synthetic transactions capable of scaling to to tens of thousands of users.
webStress Moniforce Web performance and stress testing services.



Product Vendor Comments
AceProject Websystems Free bug tracking software designed for project managers and developers. Try the demo version and then create your free account.
AdminiTrack AdminiTrack Hosted issue and bug tracking application
ADT Web Borderwave Advanced Defect Tracking Web Edition is a defect-tracking solution designed for small, medium and large software companies to simplify their bug, suggestion and feature request tracking. The software allows you to track defects, feature requests and suggestions by version, customer etc.
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert Applied Innovation Management Web-based bug tracking software bugaware Bug tracking solution. Installed and ASP hosted service available. Features include: Email alert notification, knowledge base, dynamic reporting, team management, user discussion threads, file attachment, searching. Web based defect tracking service
BUGtrack SkyeyTech, Inc. Web based bug tracking system
BugHost Active-X.COM BugHost is a feature-complete hosted defect tracking system ideal for small- to medium-sized companies who want a secure, Web-based issue and bug management system. There is no software to install and can be accessed from any Internet connection. Designed from the ground up, the system is easy to use, extremely powerful, and customizable to meet your needs.
BugRoster Codeca Corp. Multi-user bug tracking and reporting system that is informative, concise and easy to use. Our licensing and sales model is not complicated and is affordable to all software development organizations and independent/freelance consultants. BugRoster is easy to install and configure on multiple server platforms. BugRoster contains many of the features of other expensive Defect Tracking systems for a lot less.
BugStation Bugopolis Web-based server appliance featuring Bugzilla with many enhancements designed to make Bugzilla easier and more secure. A centralized system for entering, assigning and tracking defects. Configurable and customizable.
Bug Tracker CrimsonLink Web-based defect and bug tracking solution to track product defects, manage product enhancement requests and help you manage tasks during product development. The software helps you follow your defect resolution process and work the defect from initiation to closure. By using this solution you can greatly enhance product quality and customer satisfaction. Increase your team productivity, avoid redundant work, reduce the product release cycle and accelerate the time to market.
Bug Tracker Software Bug Tracker Software Web based bug tracking and data sharing
Bug Tracking Free defect tracking system. Our system is fast and easy to use. We offers email notification, file attachment, tracking history, bilingual pages, 128-bit encryption connection and advance customization. Free demo.
Bugvisor softwarequality, Inc. Enterprise solution for capturing, managing and communicating feature requests, bug reports, changes and project issues from emergence to resolution with a fully customizable and controllable workflow
Bugzero WEBsina Web-based, easy-to-install, cross-platform bug tracking system
Bugzilla Highly configurable Open source defect tracking system developed originally for the Mozilla project
Census BugTrack MetaQuest Fully customizable bug tracking and defect tracking tool. Includes VSS integration, notifications, workflow, reporting and change history.
DefectTracker Pragmatic Software Subscription-based bug/problem tracking solution
Defectr Defectr A free online defect tracking and project management tool developed using IBM Lotus Domino and Dojo Ajax framework.
DevTrack TechExcel Web-based defect- and project-tracking tool for software development teams. DevTrack comprehensively tracks and manages all defects, change requests, feature enhancements, and all other development issues. Intuitive and powerful, DevTrack provides workflow and process automation features, robust searching and reporting, and comprehensive point-and-click customization.
Dragonfly Vermont Software Testing Group Web-based, cross-browser, cross-platform issue tracking and change management for software development, testing, debugging, and documentation. It is available by subscription or for purchase as a self-hosted intranet/Internet application.
ExDesk ExDesk Bug and issue tracking software, remotely hosted, allows you to tracking software bugs and route them to multiple developers or development groups for repair with reporting and automatic notification.
FogBUGZ Fog Creek S/W Web-based bug tracking. Free eval, 90 day money back guarantee.
Fast BugTrack AlceaTech Web-based bug tracking
Footprints Unipress Web-based issue tracking and project management tool
GranPM Gran Ltd. Free defect tracking service. Bug and user hierarchy, complex security, persistent task filters, file uploading, submit bugs from your site, e-mail notification and employee timesheet tracking.
IssueTrak Help Desk Software Central Offers issue tracking, customer relationship and project management functions.
JIRA atlassian J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application. Extensible via Java API.
Jitterbug Samba Freeware defect tracking
JTrac   Generic issue-tracking web-application that can be easily customized by adding custom fields and drop-downs. Features include customizable workflow, field level permissions, e-mail integration, file attachments and a detailed history view.
Mantis   Lightweight and simple bugtracking system. Easily modifiable, customizable, and upgradeable. Open Source.
MyBugReport Bug Tracker Online testing tool that allows the different participants working on the development of a software or multimedia application to detect new bugs, to ensure their follow-up, to give them a priority and to assign them within the team.
Ozibug Tortuga Technologies Platform-independent defect tracking system. Written in Java, it utilizes servlet technology and offers features such as reports, file attachments, role-based access, audit trails, email notifications, full internationalization, and a customizable appearance. Two editions of Ozibug are available, the fully featured Enterprise Edition including support and upgrades is available for purchase online through a secure payment server, while the basic Community Edition is available at no cost.
Perfect Tracker Avensoft Web-based defect tracking
ProblemTracker NetResults Web-based collaboration software for issue tracking; automated support; and workflow, process, and change management.
PR Tracker Softwise Company Records problem reports in a network and web-based database that supports access by multiple users. Features include classification, assignment, sorting, searching, reporting, access control, & more.
QEngine AdventNet 100% web-based issue management software that offers you the facility of tracking and managing bugs, issues, improvements, and features. It provides role based access control, attachment handling, schedule management, automatic e-mail notification, workflow, resolution, worklogs, attaching screenshots, easy reporting, and extensive customization. The free version is completely functional and can be used for a maximum of 2 users.
Squish Information Management Systems, Inc. Web based issue tracking
Task Complete Smart Design Te TaskComplete enables a team to organize and track software defects using with integrated calendar, discussion, and document management capabilities. Can easily be customized to meet the needs of any software development team.
teamatic Teamatic Free enterprise defect tracking system
TeamTrak Teamshare Problem tracking system
TrackStudio TrackStudio Flexible and customizable Java-based defect tracking software. Supports workflow, multi-level security, rule-based email notification, email submission, subscribe-able filters, reports. Has skin-based user interface. Supports ORACLE, DB2, MS SQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Hypersonic SQL and more. It may or may not be free, depending on how you intend to use it.
VisionProject Visionera AB Web based issue tracking and project collaboration tool designed to make projects more efficient and profitable.
yKAP DCom Solutions Uses XML to deliver a powerful, cost effective, Web based Bug/Defect tracking, Issue Management and Messaging product. Apart from having a pleasing interface and being easy to learn, yKAP features include support for unlimited projects, test environments, attachments, exporting data into PDF/RTF/XLS/HTML/Text formats, rule-based email alerts, exhaustive search options, saving searches (public/ private), Auto-complete for user names, extensive reports, history, custom report styles, exhaustive data/trends analysis, printing, role-based security. Apart from pre-defined values, yKAP allows the user to add custom values for system parameters such as Status, Defect cause, Defect type, priority, etc. yKAP is installed with complete help documentation.


Product Vendor Comments
assyst Axios Systems Offers a unique lifecycle approach to IT Service Management through the integration of all ITIL processes in a single application.
BridgeTrak Kemma Software Record and track development or customers issues, assign issues to development teams, create software release notes and more. Free trial.
BugRat Giant Java Tree Free Java software that provides a defect reporting and tracking system. Bug reporting by the Web and email.
BugSentry IT Collaborate Automatically and securely reports errors in .NET and COM applications. BugSentry provides a .NET dll (COM interop version available too) that developers ship with their products. Call the BugSentry.Sentry.Report() method to securely submit an issue. BugSentry will encrypt the issue with your public key, cache it locally, and try to send it to the BugSentry server. When received, BugSentry sends the developer and email. The developer can use a desktop client to download and decrypt issues. It is a fully hosted solution. No server necessary.
Bug Trail Osmosys Capture and track all your software bugs with Bug Trail. This easy to use tool allows you to attach screenshots, automatically capture system parameters and create well formatted MS-WORD and HTML output reports. Customizable defect status flow allows small to large organizations configure as per their existing structure.
Defect Agent Inborne Software Defect tracking, enhancement suggestion tracking, and development team workflow management software. Site license fee $399
Defect Manager Tiera Software Manages defects and enhancements through the complete entire life cycle of product development through field deployment
Fast BugTrack Alcea Bug Tracking / Defect Tracking / Issue Tracking - Change Management Software (work flow/process flow)
GNATS GNU Freeware defect tracking software.
Intercept Elsinore Technologies Bug tracking system designed to integrate with Visual SourceSafe and the rest of your Microsoft development environment
IssueView IssueView SQL server based bug tracking with Outlook style user interface.
JIRA Atlassian Browser-based J2EE defect tracking and issue management software. Supports any platform that runs Java 1.3.x.
ProjecTrak Eden Communications Lotus Notes based defect reporting and tracking
PVCS Tracker Merant Automated issue management system, available as a standalone product or hosted service. Captures, manages, and communicates the myriad issues, change requests, development tasks, and other day-to-day items that constitute your organization's daily workflow. Team members are relieved of time-consuming manual task management, and managers can pull reports from real-time data to support project decisions with facts rather than guesswork.
QAW B.I.C Quality Developed to assist all quality assurance measurements within ICT-projects. The basic of QAW is a structured way of registration and tracking issues (defects).
Support Tracker Acentre Web enabled defect tracking application, one of the modules of the Tracker Suite software package. Support Tracker is based on Lotus Notes, allowing customers to leverage their existing Notes infrastructure for this bug tracking solution. Because Tracker Suite is server-based, Support Tracker installs with zero-impact on the desktop. User can create, track, and manage requests through Notes or over the Web. Requests are assigned, routed, and escalated automatically ts via Service Level Agreements, for proper prioritization and resource allocation. Support Tracker also features FAQ and Knowledgebase functionality.
SWBTracker software with brains Bug tracking system
TestTrack Pro Seapine Software Delivers time-saving features that keep everyone, involved with the project, informed and on schedule. TestTrack Pro is a scalable solution with Windows and Web clients and server support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X, integration with MS Visual Studio (including .NET) and interfaces with most major source code managers including Surround SCM, and automated software testing tool, QA Wizard, along with other Seapine tools. Download a free Eval.
Track Soffront Defect tracking system
ZeroDefect ProStyle Issue management


Product Vendor Comments
Extended Test Plan   Windows-based test management. Freeware.
QADirector Compuware Test process management
SilkPlan Pro Segue Software Quality management system with a built-in integrated end-to-end test management and collaboration framework designed for large-scale applications.
T-Plan Professional T-Plan, Limited Test process management tool
Test Manager Adaptors RingZero Test Input Adapters, which enable you to use requirements mananagement tools other than IBM/Rational RequisitePro to create and manage requirements that drive your testing process in conjunction with IBM/Rational Test Manager. Borland CaliberRM Adapter, Telelogic DOORS Adapter, Rational ClearQuest Adapter.

Test Execution Adapters, which enable you to use testing tools other than IBM/Rational Robot/XDE Tester to implement tests in conjunction with IBM/Rational Test Manager. Segue SilkTest Adapter, Mercury Astra QuickTest Adapter, Mercury WinRunner Adapter.

TestLog Passmark Windows-based Test management.


Product Vendor Comments
ADL project repository   Information on the Assertion Definition Language, an automated test generation system. ADL information is also available on the here
MITS.Comm   Simulates third party systems over any type of interface. It can simulate the context-sensitive responses that come back from Equifax, for example, when testing an application that does a credit check. Or it can simulate the connections to the telemetry and cryptologic systems on a communications satellite, so that the software can be tested while the interface hardware is waiting to be built to spec.
DejaGNU   Framework for testing interactive programs
Information on TET   The Test Environment Toolkit (nice package, our staff helped design it)


Product Vendor Comments
AdventNet Simulator AdventNet, Inc. Agent simulator and network simulator for testing and demonstration of network management applications. The network simulator enables simulation of SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), TL1, TFTP and FTP devices, on a single PC. It supports dynamic configuration of virtual IP address, enables recording of real networks and traps, allows advanced modeling of agent/network behavior and management through RMI.
ANVL netIQ The Automated Network Validation Library is a system for testing of network products. It enables network product companies to make their testing processes faster and more thorough. With ANVL, a user can rapidly and repeatably test network-based devices without the need of an analyzer or lots of equipment. ANVL facilitates negative testing by its ability to generate incorrectly-formatted packets as well as correctly-formatted ones. ANVL comes with ready-to-run test suites for AppleTalk endnodes and routers, ARAP v1.0 with v2.0 extensions, TCP/IP RIP Gateway, PPP, (with IPCP, ATCP, IPXCP and VJ Compression), OSPF Level One Functional, and IPX Router, with more suites being added monthly.
Chariot netIQ Network performance testing tools
Cheetah Tollgrade This fully integrated solution allows you to proactively test and monitor your VoIP and VoD performance while maintaining the integrity of other critical applications.
Drive Test Cellogic M-Logic GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 1XRTT, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA Network Optimization and Benchmarking performance test tools.
Emulation Engine XT Communication Machinery Corporation Create and control multiple concurrent 802.11 compliant stations, with full support for WPA and 802.1x. Perform sophisticated performance, capacity, scaleability and stress testing of 802.11 products, Wireless LAN architectures and systems implementations.
FanfareSVT The Fanfare Group Designed specifically for equipment manufacturers, FanfareSVT provides a complete framework for QA teams who test embedded systems via the network.
Fault Factory ExtraData Create a variety of socket or HTTP/SOAP faults in any running application with no compile-time instrumentation or system changes. Your app can receive a variety of hard-to-reproduce faults -- is it ready? Fault factory lets you easily reproduce conditions such as SOAP Faults, HTTP error codes, various socket-level communication faults (dropped/refused connections, buffer problems, timeouts, etc.)
InterWatch Navtel Communications Test platform for ETH/IP, ATM, POS, TDM technologies and for performance testing of VoIP/NGN such as SIP, PktCable NCS, MGCP, H.248. Supports the emerging GMPLS, ASON/ASTN standards.
iSoftTechTAS iSoftTech Helps automate network equipment testing. It automates the process of testing as well as test lab management. It automates build, image download, test, analyze report, and bug report. It connects to various test equipments and equipments in a topology using their API set.
LANTraffic Omnicor Provides automatic generation of TCP and UDP traffic. User may specify different configuration parameters to test, measure, shape and control traffic load. Download free 15-day trial.
Maxwell Interworking Labs Network Impairment System - enables you to modify, distort, and corrupt the flow of network traffic in a controlled, very precise, stateful manner. It also operates in real time and modifies traffic while the protocol discussion continues. So, you can easily and thoroughly test the quality of service (QoS), resilience, and reliability of each network device.
NetDisturb Omnicor IP network emulator software that can generate impairments such as latency, delay, jitter, limited bandwidth and lost packets. "NetDisturb" allows the user to disturb flows on an IP network and so study the behavior of applications, devices or services in a disturbed network environment. NetDisturb is inserted between two Ethernet segments and operates bi-directional packet transfer on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet(10/100/1000) network interface cards. Download 15 day free trial.
NetworkTester Agilent Test system focused on performance testing of connection-aware and content-aware (layer 4-7) devices and networks.

Equipment manufacturers, network operators, and network managers test security and content networking devices using NetworkTester, including intrusion detection/prevention systems, web/mail servers and filters, VPN concentrators, SSL accelerators, and load balancers.

NetworkTester emulates any mix of real, multi-port, client/server traffic, including FTP, HTTP, IM, NFS, NNTP, POP3, RTSP, SAMBA, and SMTP, with integrated VLAN, 802.1X, DHCP, IPsec, and PPPoE support.

A powerful and flexible GUI, driven by Test Plans, requires no scripting and offers unlimited scalability to measure performance limits.

nGenius Performance Monitor NetScout Unites the key disciplines required for effective performance management in a single product - capacity planning, application monitoring, network monitoring, troubleshooting, fault prevention, and service level management - greatly simplifying your network management environment.
NuStreams 2000 Omnicor Multichannel gigabit Ethernet test systems for LAN, WAN, network, switch, router and IP device testing. Test, measure, certify and stress your networks and devices.
Silvercreek SNMP Test Suite Interworking Labs, Inc. Verifies protocol compliance, error and exception handling, boundary conditions, and performance under heavy network loads.
SNAsim Applied Computer Technology SNA host simulator
VoIP Conformance Test Suite HCLT A wide range of testing solutions for testing SIP based components such as User Agent, Proxy, Registrar, B2BUA, Presence and IM server, SIP-MGCP Soft Switches.
WAN Emulator Itheon Adds realism to software testing by faithfully recreating multi-segmented network environments e.g. WAN, WLAN etc., for testing applications, including VoIP, in the development, QA or pre-deployment phases.


Product Vendor Comments
Analyst Pro Goda Software Robust tools for specification and requirements tracking, including the ability to create and modify specifications and diagrams/models.
Doors Telelogic Telelogic Requirements Management (RM) Solutions, including the market-leading RM tool, Telelogic DOORS�, are a proven foundation for determining and prioritizing customer needs, ensuring conformance to requirements and maintaining regulatory compliance. The end result: Products, systems or software are delivered to the customer's satisfaction, generating increased value for the business.
Caliber Borland Designed for ease of use, the intuitive interface and powerful decision support capabilities of CaliberRM help teams deliver on key project milestones with greater accuracy and predictability. CaliberRM also helps applications meet end-user needs by allowing all project stakeholders: marketing teams, analysts, developers, testers, and managers to collaborate and communicate the voice of the customer throughout the software delivery lifecycle.
Gatherspace Hosted requirements management tool that has the unique combination of being easy to use, feature rich, very inexpensive, and use case friendly.
RequisitePro IBM The IBM� Rational� RequisitePro� solution is a requirements and use case management tool for project teams who want to improve the communication of project goals, enhance collaborative development, reduce project risk and increase the quality of applications before deployment.
SteelTrace SteelTrace Requirements capture tool that enables all business and technology stakeholders work collaboratively to understand, define, communicate and manage software requirements throughout the lifecycle


Product Vendor Comments
Aprobe OC Systems Debugging tool that collects and analyzes data by instrumenting the executable
Ascert   QA products for the HP NonStop (a.k.a. Tandem) marketplace
Bug Shot BugStomper Software Screenshot program that was designed specifically for Software Testers, or anyone else involved in the Software Quality Assurance process. Software Testers usually take many screenshots as part of their testing process. Screenshots are frequently used show reproduction steps for a failed test or a bug found, and often it is very helpful to highlight the areas of the screenshot that you want to recieve the most focus; such as an incorrect value, or a design error. BugShot was designed to streamline this process with it's ability to capture, save, edit, comment, and print screenshots; all in a matter of seconds.
Exchange Simulator Aegis Software Simulates testing interfaces to different equity/options exchanges over a variety of protocols.
Funnel IT ByStorm Software Gathers module, process, and other useful general information. The information is saved in a single, small (~20k), sharable file that could be attached to a defect or other quality assurance communication. Information is organized in an easy-to-use tree interface. Freeware.
KaNest KaSYS Transactional & Smartcard Communication Testing Software. Our tools tests communications between two systems on the applicative level (ex. between a server and an ATM).
LogStomper BugStomper Software Most every tester or programmer at some point has had to sift through enormous log files, just to find a few pieces of information that they need to extract; or to compare the contents of one log file with another. These tasks can become very tedious, and time-consuming. LogStomper was designed to automate this process, saving the user valuable time.
QACenter 3270 Edition Compuware Application testing
SOAPSonar Crosscheck Networks Web services-based SOA Testing product that is simple, compact and easy to use. SOAPSonar covers web services functional, performance, interoperability and vulnerability testing using patent-pending auto-generated boundary condition tests. For modern WSDL, SOAP and XML-based SOA deployments, SOAPSonar provides a unified console that establishes test base-lines and provides detailed ongoing test results for target web services.
Stabilizer   The goal of the Stabilizer project is to quickly stabilize buggy GUI applications so that people can get real work done with them. In our approach, thousands/millions of users collaboratively and quickly stabilize a buggy GUI application simply by using the application normally and reporting any bugs that they encounter to prevent anyone (including themselves) from encountering those same bugs again.
TestBench400 Original Software AS/400 test automation.
TestOOB   Python testing framework that extends the standard Python 'unittest' module and provides XML and HTML reports, debugging failed tests, verbose asserts, color output, and many more useful features.

A Test Automation Framework is a set of assumptions, concepts and practices that provide support for automated software testing. Bellow is a List of the 4 most solid Automation Framework concept-types (could be potentially mixed in actual implementation)
1) Test Script Modularity Framework
2) Data-driven testing
3) Keyword-driven testing
4) Model-based testing


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